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NCAA To Hold First Playoff Series In 2010 (A What If? Sports Story)

Sara Ramsey, Dan Watson |
November 19, 2010 | 1:59 p.m. PST

[Editor's note: This is a "what if?" piece put together by Neon Tommy sports writers Sara Ramsey and Dan Watson. The proceedings described are entirely fictional. A playoff series, while fun to think about, will not take place in college football this year.] 

Indianapolis, Ind. — College football finally has a playoff system.

In a landmark decision today, the National Collegiate Athletic Association announced the formation of the first-ever College Football Playoff Series (CFPS) to crown the nation’s true champion at college football’s highest level.

Sixteen teams -- 11 conference champions and five at-large bids -- will play 15 games over four weeks to determine the Joe Paterno National Championship, named after the beloved long-time Penn State coach.

In order to appease the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision presidents, each of the games working through the rounds will be a designated bowl game.

The traditional top four BCS bowl games — the Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl — will rotate serving as semifinal, consolation game and title game hosts.

With a flip of the coin, the Rose Bowl won out for rights to the inaugural CFPS title game, with the Sugar Bowl claiming consolation game rights. The Orange Bowl and Fiesta Bowl will host the semifinals round.

The Capital One Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Las Vegas Bowl and Gator Bowl will serve as the quarterfinal games.

BCS conference commissioners, athletics directors and university presidents all made concessions for the good of college football, which in recent years saw escalating tension amongst pollsters, athletes, and fans alike — forcing the powers that be to finally act after decades of deadlock.

Money finally met its match: the love of the game.

Check back on Monday as Neon Tommy announces the "what if?" College Football Playoff Series champion. 


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