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Cooley Losing Lead In California Attorney General Race

Shakira Keller |
November 10, 2010 | 4:06 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Republican candidate for Attorney General of California is too close to call, according to the California Secretary of State’s office.

Kamala Harris (By Steve Rhodes via Creative Commons)
Kamala Harris (By Steve Rhodes via Creative Commons)

With many of the late, damaged and provisional ballots being counted, Republican Steve Cooley is losing what was once a strong lead.   

On Monday, Cooley led his democratic opponent Kamala Harris by nearly 44,000 votes, according to KTLA. As of today, Cooley's lead dipped under 10,000 votes after tallying an outstanding 2 million votes.

Many counties in California, such as Alameda County, continue to help  Harris narrow the gap. In Alameda County, Harris has taken more than 34,000 votes than Cooley.

While Harris is depending on Los Angeles to vote predictably democratic, Cooley is hoping that his position as Los Angeles County district attorney in the county may have swayed voters his way.

 “Usually you look at these things and you say okay, these votes are going to be democratic when they come in, these votes are going to be republican,” said political consultant Leo McElroy during a recent interview aired on KPBS radio. “LA is usually a source of democratic votes. In this particular case, it doesn't work out that way because Cooley is really well-known in LA…there's a lot of breath being held in this race at this point cause it is really too close to call.” 

The slim gap has made the outcome of this race difficult to predict, with the win up for either candidate to snatch.

Election officials have until November 30 to tally the remaining votes.


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