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Lanvin's Anticipated Winter Collection For H&M Finally Hits Stores

Tess Goodwin |
November 19, 2010 | 3:55 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Alber Elbaz has created flirty designs for Lanvin's capsule collection at H&M (Photo courtesy of H&M)
Alber Elbaz has created flirty designs for Lanvin's capsule collection at H&M (Photo courtesy of H&M)
Much to any fashionista’s delight, the rumors were true. The next designer collection for H&M has been personally designed by Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz. 

Elbaz said, “he’d never consider doing a mass-market collection, but has changed his mind due to the ‘exceptional’ nature of the H&M collaboration,” according to advertisements.

H&M has done numerous other high-end designer collaborations including Matthew Williamson, Roberto Cavalli, and Jimmy Choo, but none of the collections have received as much press as Lanvin for H&M. 

Alber Elbaz even hosted a star-studded Lanvin for H&M “Haute Couture” Fashion show at the Pierre Hotel in New York City. Anna Dello Russo closed the show, sauntering down a runway with a grey poodle.

Russo, creative director of Vogue Nippon and blogger extraordinaire is famous for dressing in head-to-toe designer. But even she was photographed for her blog wearing Lanvin for H&M. She modeled a hot pink ruffled dress, a yellow dress, and a floral dress; all worn with her signature fruit headpieces and Lanvin for H&M pumps.

What started this all this hype? It must have been the videos that were posted months ago by H&M that alluded to a new designer collection, but kept it a secret for at least a few weeks. Also, the ads for the collection are high fashion and very true to Lanvin: quirky, glamorous, and a bit strange. 

The theatrical ads feature established models like Tati Collitar, Natasha Poly, and Garance Dumon. The viral videos, pop-up advertisements, and countdown to launch on websites like Refinery 29 do not annoy, but add to the excitement everyone in the fashion world feels for this collection.

The pieces of the collection are Lanvin signatures: pink and black satin dresses with giant ruffles, fabulous faux fur coats, and gorgeous floral pumps with ribbon ankle ties. The collection also includes black satin evening blazers, mini skirts, and embellished t-shirts.

The prices are certainly less expensive than Lanvin ready-to wear but the dresses are still around $250 and quite frankly you could spend a little more and get real Lanvin on sale. But, that said, the skirts are only around $60 and the shoes are less than $100, which is definitely a steal. 

Alber Elbaz spoke out the collection at length to numerous magazines. “They said there would be four or five meetings. We had 40 to 50 meetings. I don’t think you’re getting an expensive H&M [piece]; you’re getting a bargain of Lanvin,” said Alber Elbaz to WWD. 

The one let down is that H&M still does not sell its inventory online. So, be prepared to wait in line at the Beverly Center with all the other fashion-lovers.

The collection will hit select stores on November 20. 

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