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Despite Defeat, Spirits High At Yes On 19 Party

Emily Wilson, Kate Rooney |
November 2, 2010 | 11:00 p.m. PDT


The smell of marijuana drifted onto the streets of West Hollywood as supporters of Yes on 19, the ballot measure to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, eagerly awaited poll results at the official campaign party.

Campaign staffers and stoners alike turned out in force at the Law Offices of Bruce and Allison Margolin, attorneys who have been outspoken about their approval of Prop 19. With large flat-screens turned to CNN, partygoers enjoyed wine, beer and cannabis while they waited for official results.

The cheers of “Yes We Cannabis” started strong and only began to fade when they received word of defeat.

But even so, the mood remained festive, as supporters of the prop began looking ahead to 2012, when they’re hopeful that they can get the issue back on the ballot.

They’re declaring Tuesday night’s results a victory because the 44 percent of voters casting a “yes” vote is the largest vote for any marijuana initiative in history, indicating a shift in favor of legalization.

According to Amanda Brazel, Yes on 19 spokeswoman, one reason the measure didn’t pass could be the way it was written. Brazel said she thinks future revamping of the measure will prove effective when it comes to the next election season.

Party attendees seem only slightly dispirited as they continue to enjoy the beverages and blunts at the party.



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