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Booms, Busts, Breakouts (Week 11): Start Young, Sit McFadden

Michael Green |
November 18, 2010 | 3:25 p.m. PST

Staff Writer

Each week, fantasy football guru Michael Green slaves over statistics and trends to bring you the best fantasy advice this side of Bristol. Read on for the players to start (and players to sit) this week at each key position.

Take it away, Mike...


Vince Young (QB) - Titans v. Redskins

Vince Young has been as fearsome for opposing defenses as a teletubby in shoulder pads this season. But the Titans’ signal caller will put down his ambiguous man purse to inflict some aerial hurt on Washington's reeling defense this week.

What Michael Vick did to the Redskins last Monday was a bigger credibility hit to the nation’s capital than Watergate. And with cornerback Carlos Rogers likely out for Washington this Sunday, Young will be the David Frost to Shanahan’s Nixon come Sunday. 

Other boom candidates…

Santonio Holmes (WR) - Jets v. Texans

BenJarvus Green-Ellis (RB) - Patriots v. Colts

Felix Jones (RB) - Cowboys v. Lions

Mike Tolbert (RB) - Chargers v. Broncos



Darren McFadden (RB) - Raiders @ Steelers

Run DMC will have a tricky time rocking rhymes against Pittsburgh this week. The exciting Raiders’ running back has forced Al Davis to double up on the “Oops I Crapped My Pants” in recent weeks.

But McFadden’s production is set to hit a steel curtain against Pittsburgh’s top-ranked rush defense. Anybody relying on the Silver and Black rush attack this week should expect modest returns.

Other bust candidates…

Kyle Orton (QB) - Broncos @ Chargers

Anquan Boldin (WR) - Ravens @ Panthers

Joe Flacco (QB) - Ravens @ Panthers

Andre Johnson (WR) - Texans @ Jets



Shonn Greene (RB) - Jets v. Texans

Those who blew a high round draft pick on New York’s running afterthought will instinctively role their eyes upon seeing Greene listed as a “breakout.” But, after averaging a Wee Man-sized 51.4 yards per contest this season, the former Iowa Hawkeye is poised for a breakout.

Lead rock carrier LaDainian Tomlinson has not topped 57 yards rushing since Week 5 of the season. With Tomlinson showing signs of wear and tear, it’s safe to bet Rex Ryan's lifetime supply of pretzel M&M’s that Greene will get more carries as the season progresses.

Other breakout candidates…

Colt McCoy (QB) - Browns @ Jaguars

Danny Amendola (WR) - Rams v. Falcons

Jordan Shipley (WR) - Bengals v. Bills

Nate Washington (WR) - Titants v. Redskins


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