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Whitman, Brown Get Ready For Final Debate

Laura Cueva |
October 11, 2010 | 5:28 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

The Race for California
The Race for California
Tuesday night marks the third and final debate between gubernatorial candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman.

Even after a slew of attack ads, controversies, and even name-calling, voters still remain undecided about who they’ll vote for come Nov. 2.

Top concerns for undecided voters: jobs and the economy. Experts say Whitman needs to stay away from the topic of Nicky Diaz-Santillan, the woman allegedly hired by Whitman despite being undocumented, since the issue completely dominated Whitman and Brown’s last debate. It left voters with a bad taste in their mouths and Whitman should instead go back to focusing on job creation in the state.

Brown seems to be doing better in connecting with the audience than Whitman, so if he wants to go 3-0, he should keep the off-the-cuff style he’s known for while focusing more specifically on the environment, creating jobs and education, which he hasn't delved deeply into in the previous two debates.

The debate will be held at Dominican University in San Rafael and will be moderated by former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw.


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