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Video: LeBron James Gets Introspective In New Nike Ad

Patrick Crawley |
October 25, 2010 | 2:05 p.m. PDT

Senior Sports Editor

You have to hand it to the marketing guys over at Nike. They're some clever dudes.

Talk rarely swirls around an athlete -- or should I say, an athlete's "decision" -- like its swirling around LeBron James right now. And Nike capitalized on it perfectly with this ad.

Not only does the so-called King address his controversial choice in the new 1:30 shoe spot (see below), he does so directly. He's forthright, introspective. There's even mention of his yes-men friends -- Should I listen to them? They're my friends. -- accompanied by a slick graphic. That was a nice touch I thought.

I also liked that Nike referenced Charles Barkley's famous "I'm not a role model" line. Given Chuck's history with LeBron, I'm sure the Round Mound has already chambered a response.

The Don Johnson bit was a little cheesy. But, hey, Don Johnson is hot again, right? And who better to spoof to the "Miami Thrice" than the leading man from Miami Vice. I'll forgive Nike the obviousness of it all. (At least it wasn't Colin Farrell.)

All things considered, "Rise" is a terrific marketing move on the eve of the most anticipated NBA season in at least a decade.

Well done, Nike. I tip my cap.

Video below.

Assist, Ball Don't Lie.

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