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Top 10 Sexiest Men In Sports

Sara Ramsey, Kamille Turnquest, Kate Rooney, Sarah Sotoodeh, Devin Altschul |
October 11, 2010 | 6:25 p.m. PDT

Staff Writers
There is a lot to love about athletes. Amazing bodies, unparalleled talent, cushy lifestyles. Besides, who doesn’t like a man in uniform? 

From football to tennis and everything in between, each sport has something sexy to offer. The ladies of Neon Tommy Sports have spent countless, painstaking hours compiling this list of the 10 most attractive men in sports. 



10. Andy Roddick 

Roddick is the top-ranked tennis player in the United States and holds the record for the fastest serve in tennis history at 155 mph. Not only is he a champion, he’s also a stud. You've got to love a man with a strong arm and a big racket.

9. Brady Quinn 

The 26-year-old may not be a starter, but the Denver Broncos quarterback is first string in our book. He’s got a hot body with a face to match. This former Fighting Irishman has got us scratching and clawing to get a piece of him.

8. Matt Leinart 

The former USC Heisman quarterback traded in his cardinal and gold for the Arizona Cardinals before being traded to the Houston Texans. The back-up QB may already have a son but we wouldn’t mind calling him baby.

7. Mark Sanchez 

The 24-year-old also hails from USC and is currently the New York Jets starting quarterback. He boasts 3,446 career passing yards and has a 91.7 quarterback rating this season. All we can say is “Trojan Man!”

6. Matt Kemp 

The Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder, who is originally from Oklahoma, had 28 homeruns and 89 RBIs this season. He sure knows how to swing a bat! In 2009, he walked away with a Golden Glove award and our hearts. 

Come here rude boy!

5. Reggie Bush 

Kim Kardashian may have loved and left him but Bush has his 2009 Super Bowl ring to ease the pain, not to mention his boyish good looks. The 25-year-old New Orleans Saints running back may have been hit hard with controversy this year but he’s still a winner to us. We’d want Reggie to give us more than just his Heisman.

4. Tom Brady 

Mr. Giselle Bundchen has three Super Bowl titles and has been named MVP twice. The New England Patriots quarterback may be rocking a Justin Bieber shag haircut but he’s still smokin’. Tight end, wide receiver, special teams; we would play any position just to get on his field.

3. Christiano Ronaldo 

The Portuguese winger rules the soccer field for Real Madrid. We wouldn’t mind having another one of Kim K.’s sloppy seconds on this one. He rocks our world (cup) on and off the field. You can’t deny it, ladies love bad boys. And he makes bad look oh so good.

2. David Beckham 

There are no words for this L.A. Galaxy midfielder. His English accent, tattoos and steamy Armani ads make him one of the sexiest men to run up and down a soccer field for 90 minutes. We break into a sweat just thinking about it.

1. Miles Austin 

Our number one man is the beautiful Miles Austin. This 26-year-old New Jersey native has made quite a splash in the NFL with a career 2,148 yards receiving for the Dallas Cowboys, but he has made an even bigger splash with the ladies.

We could just melt into his green eyes and gorgeous smile and apparently so could Kim Kardashian (again). All we have to say is save a horse ride a cowboy.

And if that wasn’t enough, we have a few more:

Honorable mentions: Kobe Bryant (L.A. Lakers), Grady Sizemore (Cleveland Indians), Benny Feilhaber (USA Soccer), Jason Taylor (N.Y. Jets), Rafael Nadal (Tennis), Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat), Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins), Ricky Berens (USA Olympic Swimmer).

Well, if we have learned anything from this list it's that Kim Kardashian likes athletes (3/10 ain’t bad!) and that USC is doing something right. We may have left off a couple of your favorites but you have to admit, there is no lacking in sexiness on this list. We hope it was as good for you as it was for us.

Now it’s your turn. Who are the top men on your list? Are there any we left out?

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