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“Jersey Shore” And Its 2nd Season Fail To Sizzle

Mike Vulpo |
October 24, 2010 | 9:21 p.m. PDT


Jersey Shore 2 (MTV)
Jersey Shore 2 (MTV)
The anticipation for the return of Snookie, JWoww, DJ Pauly D and the rest of the “Jersey Shore” cast was almost unbearable for many fans of the highly successful MTV reality show this past summer.

The surprise hit quickly became a pop culture phenomenon with many characters becoming household names. The cast graced the covers of tabloids and Snookie was impersonated on “Saturday Night Live.”

College students came together every Thursday to watch and parents even found a guilty pleasure.

After MTV shared the first 10 minutes of season two during the Movie Awards, viewers were reminded why they love the show.

Snookie and JWoww’s road trip with a stop for fried pickles and Mike’s ridiculous Ed Hardy outfits were just some of the craziness we would laugh at when the show returned.

However, when the cast was together at the awards show, something seemed off. MTV made them the biggest stars of the night. Even with such royal treatment, the entire cast all appeared irritated, reserved, and annoyed at each other.

After watching season two, it’s understandable why they appeared so apathetic. The season was nothing compared to the original. So many things went wrong this season in Miami.

Angelina returned, which brought decent drama and fights in the beginning. As time went by, she became annoying with her relationship or lack thereof with Jose and her constant poor me, nobody likes me attitude.

For too many episodes, MTV focused on Sammi and Ronnie’s on and off and then on again relationship. Sammi whined every episode and in the end, she got her wish to be with Ronnie, even if he cheated on her numerous times in the first week.

We saw the cast work at Lecca-Lecca Gelato Caffe which seemed fake and set up. It’s hard to believe business was that slow and nobody in Miami knew the cast was working there during their stay.

Finally, with season one, we saw Ronnie get arrested, Snookie fight with grenades visiting her house and JWoww arguing against haters in clubs.

With season two, just when you thought a confrontation was about to get good, the commercials came on and when the show returned, the fights fizzled and ended up being nothing.

After such a disappointing season, MTV still has faith in the show. Season three is taped and set to air in early January 2011. The entire cast returns- minus Angelina- to New Jersey after intense contract negotiations.

One of Snooki’ s BFFs, Deena Nicole Cortese, joins the cast. She is described as “class in a glass and party in a body.”

We already know next season will include Snooki being arrested on the boardwalk for public intoxication.

In addition, recent paparazzi photos show Ronnie and Sam are indeed still together.

With record ratings throughout season two, “Jersey Shore” has no signs of slowing down. In the end, if you want to admit it or not, this past season wasn’t nearly as good as the original.

It’ s time for a break from t-shirt time, MVP’ s, grenades, and clubbing night after night.

So long Miami and here’s to season three- may you bring back the craziness from season one that made the show a hit in the first place.

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