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Your Guide To Halloween Makeup Application

Lydia O'Connor |
October 31, 2010 | 12:43 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Avatar look (Lydia O'Connor)
Avatar look (Lydia O'Connor)
For instructions on how to apply unique and fun Halloween makeup today, see below for the winged look, Avatar look, and Lady Gaga look.

wing1: Cut away a wing shape in a piece of tape and place it on your lid.
wing2: Shadow along the edge of the tape with a bronze eyeshadow and fill in the rest of your lid with a gold eyeshadow.
wing3: Dust a light gold or yellow shadow under your eye and around your temple.
wing4: Apply a line of gold eyeshadow to your lower lash line.
wing5: Blend the colors together for a smooth shade transition.
wing6: Apply winged liquid eyeliner.
wing7: Apply a thick coat of mascara.
wing 8: Finished product.

avatar1: Apply a light blue eyeshadow all over lid up to eyebrow.
avatar2: With a small pointed brush, take a dark blue eyeshadow and create curved lines, following the shape of your eye and widening them as you near the brow so that the lines connect.
avatar3: Apply the same dark blue eyeshadow along your lower lash line.
avatar4: Dust a bright yellow eyeshadow under your eye and around your temple.
avatar5: Apply black mascara
avatar6: Finished product.

ladygaga1: Outline a lightning bolt under your with with black eyeliner.
ladygaga2: Fill in the bolt with black eyeshadow on the edges and shimmer silver in the inner portions. Blend it together to create depth.
ladygaga3: Apply hot pink eyeshadow on your lid.
ladygaga4: Outline the top of the shadow with a darker pink or black eyeshadow for a dramatic effect.
ladygaga5: Apply thick winged liquid eyeliner.
ladygaga6: Apply a thick coat of mascara.

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