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Facebook Drama: Who's Not Attending The Obama Rally?

Amy Silverstein |
October 21, 2010 | 12:03 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

As is typical of any political event, a handful of people have been posting their reasons for not attending the Obama rally at USC on its Facebook event page. Of course, most of the comments left are in support of Obama and the rally. But those who posted their reasons for not going are setting off Facebook comment wars. Insults like "socialist, "elitist" and "douche bag" have been hurled.  Some angry pro-Obama people are encouraging more anti-Obama comments, without even realizing it:

"if you don't want to see Obama, don't fucking go to the event. You don't need to tell all of us that you're not attending. We really don't care," wrote Efrosini Constantinides in an ultimately ineffective Monday night post.

Of course, the writer obviously does care that people are saying they're not attending, as evidenced by the use of the word, "fuck." This only encouraged more people to comment underneath the post that they are not attending, either.   

Tommy Romiski has been one of the the most vocal anti-Obama commenters on the wall.  

"Food stamps will be handed out between 11:30am to 12pm. Please arrive early to stand in line," he wrote yesterday.    

Here are some other Facebook users' reasons for not attending the rally:

"Occasions like this tend to be insanely crowded, and parking becomes a major issue."

"I would go, but they probably would not let me in! And even if they did, I would likely get meself arrested!"


"ehh.. ill pass DG anchorsplash is more important than whatever this guy needs to say"

"My parents are Presidents of a company I dont have a money issues what so ever believe me.."

"Nothing personal .. But he really upsets me because he wants to take a gigantic portion of my money and spread it to others. I call that theft."

But, of course, not all people against Obama are planning on skipping out on the rally;

"im a republican. im going to protest."

Keep up with the latest in the comment wars on the Rally with President Obama at USC on the event's Facebook page.  



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