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"Jackass 3D" Cast Visits Fuel TV's "The Daily Habit's" New Set

Christina Rath, Alex Schiffman |
October 21, 2010 | 2:14 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporters

Jackass 3D on The Daily Habit (Christina Rath)
Jackass 3D on The Daily Habit (Christina Rath)
Fuel TV’s first original daily series, “The Daily Habit,” has done a complete 360.

Since it began in October 2005, "The Daily Habit" has featured the biggest risk-taking athletes and the most influential faces in entertainment and brings them together on one stage to discuss everything from “stuff that matters to guys” to “trends that need to end.” 

Beginning this week, new episodes of the show feature an energetic opinion-driven panel format anchored by long-time host Pat Parnell, plus one-on-one spotlights with the biggest stars from sports and entertainment, and electrifying in-studio musical performances by established and buzz-worthy up-and-coming artists.

In the words of Scott Paridon, FUEL TV VP of Production and Development, “For the past five years, ‘The Daily Habit’ has been a staple in the diet of our viewers. We’re taking the show to the next level by getting bigger celebrities and adding more comedy to the mix. Plus, we’re on a new set and will have a live audience. We’re making this a show you won’t want to miss every night!”

After visiting the new and improved set last week, it was very impressive. Let’s just say “The Daily Habit” has transformed from amateur to professional.

The first shows’ panel consisted of the hilarious Bam Margera, Wee-Man & Jordan Morris.

Likewise, the one-on-on interview with Johnny Knoxville and his discussion about “Jackass 3D” had the audience rolling in laughter.

Up next was an equally exciting panel with Tony Hawk, Lance Krall & Chris Fairbanks; where Tony Hawk promoted his new book, “How Did I Get Here,” focusing on Hawks’ journey to professional skateboarding.

All in all, the new and improved “The Daily Habit,” seems very promising and should be very successful this upcoming season.

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