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Brown V. Whitman: Today In The California Governor's Race, Oct. 12

Laura Cueva |
October 12, 2010 | 4:49 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Brown and Whitman prepare for their final debate, which will take place Tuesday night at Dominican University in San Rafael. The debate will be  moderated by veteran anchor Tom Brokaw and it is set to air live at 6:30 by Caliornia's NBC affiliates.

Experts say both candidates face a "woman" problem, Whitman for her undocumented worker scandal and Brown for the sexist slur scandal.

Still, despite the scandals, polls show voters still care most about jobs and the economy.

Brown currently has a slight lead over Whitman, though the debate still has the potential to turn things around.

After the first two debates, a SurveyUSA and a Rasmussen poll both showed Brown edging out Whitman - Brown had a 3-point and 1-point lead, respectively, before the debates and a 4-point and 5-point lead afterward.

Brown is drawing more support from women than Whitman is, even after the 'whore' recording surfaced. [Bloomberg]

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom believes Brown will weather the 'whore' storm and come out on top. [Politico]

Brown's spokesperson Sterling Clifford says they're not going to investigate who said 'whore' on the recording, but the Whitman camp says the issue won't die down until they do. [Contra Costa Times]

Whitman puts out a new ad against Brown and says 'Baloney' as the Whoregate male voice v. female voice battle continues. [Huffington Post]



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