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Bill Clinton, Jerry Brown And Gavin Newsom Rally Young Voters At UCLA

Laura Cueva |
October 15, 2010 | 9:29 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Gavin Newsom, Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown spoke to thousands of students at UCLA on Friday. (Photo by Paresh Dave)
Gavin Newsom, Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown spoke to thousands of students at UCLA on Friday. (Photo by Paresh Dave)
It was a night of music, politics and high energy at UCLA on Friday night as former President Bill Clinton, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Jerry Brown gathered for a political rally at the school’s Dickson Court.

Clinton was in Los Angeles to campaign for Brown, who is running for governor, and Newsom, who is running for lieutenant governor. Brown and Newsom also boosted each other's campaigns.

“We’re lucky in this state,” Newsom said. “Jerry Brown has nothing to prove. He’s held every office…and he’s going to be writing the future of this state.”

Brown also had positive things to say about Newsom, seriously mentioning that the state needs him, but also throwing in one of his signature zingers.

“[Gavin’s] smart, I know he’s pretty, but let me tell you one thing, when I was his age, I had more hair,” adding,“For every hair I lose, I grow some more brains.”

Clinton focused his energies on touting the state’s need for green technology to reduce the unemployment rate and assured the crowd both Brown and Newsom would champion clean energy legislation. 

“You stick with this greenhouse gas commitment you got, don't you repeal that,'' Clinton said. “It is the key to your economic future.”

He also chastised Republicans for not supporting President Obama. He said he thinks Republicans expect Obama to be able to “stop a locomotive going downhill in 10 seconds.”

Clinton added that electing another Republican to office would further damage the state.

“The last thing you want to do is bring back the shovel brigade,” Clinton said. 

Clinton commended Brown for being one of the first politicians to support the development of green technology in California.

“[Brown] strongly supported the first big push to green technology,” Clinton said. “He knew it was good economics, even when most thought [it wasn’t].”

Clinton ended the night, urging young people in the audience to vote for Jerry Brown, to cheers and booming applause. 

“He still cares about your future,” he said. “I’ve lived my life and I’ve lived my dreams and I grew up in an America with a strong and swelling middle class…The question is, who’s more likely to give the same chance to everyone else?”

Students who attended the event said the rally made them excited for the election. 

“After hearing him, I was definitely inspired to vote and to motivate others to vote," said Carmen Cong, a senior at UCLA.

Slideshow by Executive Producer Paresh Dave.


Staff Reporter Samantha Yerks contributed to this report.

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