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You're Invited To New York Fashion Week!

Monica Nguyen |
September 10, 2010 | 12:26 a.m. PDT



Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images (Image.net)
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images (Image.net)
New York Fashion week swirls around its exclusivity with its high end security guards and giant bouncers. This makes matters worse for the designers who are already tearing their hair out over the stress of preparing 300 shows in about 8 days. It’s hard to figure out where exactly to place their most important editors, without offending them. So, how can your average Joe who lives thousands of miles away from New York City get invited to the show? Watch it online, of course.  

Many designers are becoming more tech-forward and are live-streaming their shows online, offering anyone with a computer the same front row seat experience as fashion editors.

IMG has changed the event's website to allow for live blogging, real time event news and live streaming of shows.

Designers like Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang are being approached by high-tech companies seeking to develop a Hulu-like website for runway videos.

In the meantime, individual designers have taken a step forward in the direction of live-streaming.

Betsey Johnson is live-streaming both its runway show and its preshow backstage. “I’m completely computer illiterate, but I do know the nth-degree, godsend value of streaming,” Ms. Johnson said. “Before I always felt horrible not to let people into the show.”

Designers Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, are turning to Facebook, where users can see the show in real time and comment on looks as they come down the runway.

 “It used to be all about who got into a show,” Judy Licht of FirstComesFashion.com said. FirstComesFashion.com is a website that plans to stream about 30 of the New York runway shows] “Then, once you got in, it was where you were seated.” 

Times have changed through technology and digital media! Grab your fashion friends and geek out, because with live streaming, everyone has a front row seat to the show.

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