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Twitter's Tuesday Announcement: Earthshaking Or Just Sabre Rattling?

Kevin Dougas Grant |
September 14, 2010 | 12:32 p.m. PDT

Executive Editor

The buzz about what Twitter will announce Tuesday afternoon at 3:45 PST is reaching a fever pitch, suggesting today could be one of the biggest in the company's history.

Speculation ranges from an acquisition by Google to better analytics.  It's safe to say that the announcement is not about greater uptime, though that would be welcome to users who still meet the Fail Whale during peak hours.

LA-based PR exec Richard Nevins, aka @hornOKplease, created a real-time Tweet feed at curated.by, a fun way to see what everyone is saying as we get closer to the moment of truth.

Techmeme editor Lidija Davis, aka @madlid, caused a stir by posting a screenshot of Twitter results appearing directly on the Google homepage.  Given that these two companies are complementary powerhouses in the consumer Web space, any further tie-in between the two is exciting stuff.

The key thing we know is that key folks inside Twitter are Tweeting (what else?) about this being a massive day.  Doug Williams, a business development guy at the company, goes as far as referencing "a new home." However, it seems that red herrings are abound.  If the company plans to continue on its own and work towards profitability, a new tweet-tracking product or tweet-promotion is probably about to roll out.  Or maybe Twitter's about to get folded into a corporate giant...

The bottom line: Twitter is joining the upper echelon of tech companies that can make the world stop for its news: Microsoft, Google, Apple.  Now we wait.

UPDATE: TechCrunch says it's going to be embeddable pictures and video in Tweets.


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