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Troy Polamalu's Hair Now Worth A Million Bucks

Kate Rooney |
September 1, 2010 | 12:10 a.m. PDT

Staff Writer

The Pittsburgh Steelers decided Troy Polamalu was worth $30 million when they renewed his contract in 2007. Now the makers of Head & Shoulders shampoo have determined his hair alone is worth a tidy sum.   

The shampoo company announced Tuesday that it has insured Polamalu’s trademark curly mane for $1 million. The NFL star’s been moonlighting as their spokesman since January — and they evidently aren’t willing to take any chances. 

Lloyd’s of London, a company known for wacky insurance agreements, will provide the policy but hasn’t explained exactly what variety of coiffure catastrophes it will cover. 

Polamalu joins a long list of celebrities whose body parts are insured. Mariah Carey famously took out a billion dollar policy on her legs in 2006. Bruce Springsteen’s voice is insured to the tune of $6 million. In fact, Polamalu may not even be the first star with hair insurance — Tom Jones reportedly insured his chest hair (yes, chest hair) for upwards of $6 million.

The Steelers safety, a USC alum and former first round draft pick, has a list of athletic accomplishments nearly as long as his locks. He’s a five-time Pro-Bowler, he has racked up 344 career solo tackles and he was a key figure in the playoffs during the Steelers' 2009 championship run. 

Polamalu has said his infamous hairstyle is a nod to his Samoan heritage. Whatever the origin, his tresses seem to attract attention rivaling that of his playmaking abilities. Sportscasters and announcers endlessly enjoy referencing his hair. It was prominently featured on his Sports Illustrated cover in 2005. It’s even been the source of some controversy. In 2006, Larry Johnson of the Chiefs tackled Polamalu by pulling his hair, sparking a league-wide debate over whether “hair tackling” should be legal (it currently is). 

As the 2010 season kicks off, football fans will undoubtedly be watching to see if any opponents can force Polamalu to collect on his policy.    

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