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"The Town" - Ben Affleck Is The New Clint Eastwood

Ken Van der Meeren |
September 27, 2010 | 7:03 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

The Town (photo courtesy of Warner Bros.)
The Town (photo courtesy of Warner Bros.)
Matt Damon’s recent assertion that Ben Affleck was the next Clint Eastwood sounded at best to be the blinding affection of a good friend, and at worst totally ludicrous.

However, "The Town" proved Damon’s assertion to be correct; the movie is an utter masterpiece.

Affleck was in his element writing, directing and acting in a movie set in his home city of Boston.

The film was number one at last weekend’s box office, grossing considerably more than new entries "Easy A" and M. Night Shyamalan’s "Devil." 3D movie "Legend of the Guardians" and "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" is expected to displace the movie at the top of the box office chart this weekend.

"The Town" centers on Charlestown and Affleck’s character Doug MacRay, as well as his relationship to his best friend, which he calls his brother, James Coughlin (Jeremy Renner), and his kidnapped victim turned new love Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall).

Doug MacRay is the engineer in a gang of bank robbers; each one a specialist, be it as the getaway driver or the electrician. (They steal from banks and money trucks while wearing hilarious disguises).

"The Town" has received high reviews from many critics, and strong performances should place Affleck and his cast among this year’s Oscar contenders.

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