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Sleep Wakes From Long Hiatus For Epic Metal Set At FYF

Kevin Douglas Grant, Holly Butcher |
September 5, 2010 | 12:37 p.m. PDT

Executive Editor and Senior Arts Editor

The members of stoner/doom/metal band Sleep broke up in the mid-90s after their label, London Records, refused to release their third album "Dopesmoker" as they had recorded it.  The album was actually one hour-long song.

The three musicians, Al Cisneros (bass, vocals), Matt Pike (guitar), and Chris Hakius (drums) formed other bands, with Cisneros and Hakius launching devotional metal duo Om and Pike creating High on Fire.

After a full reunion at last year's ATP UK The Fans Strike Back festival, Cisneros and Pike now carry the torch.  Looking older and a bit rounder, the two joined new drummer Jason Roeder for a powerful, smoke-drenched set Saturday night.  The crowd faithfully recited Sleep's mind-altering chants as the stage lights bathed them in green light. 

Some snapshots:

Watch excerpts from their set.

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