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Meg Whitman On The Attack In Culver City

Laura Cueva |
September 15, 2010 | 4:31 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

With a glimmer in her eye and a sparkle in her smile, Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman continued to bash her opponent Jerry Brown on Tuesday in Culver City, where she stopped at a beverage manufacturer to talk about her plans to create jobs in the state.

“Jerry Brown has been a tax increaser, a spending increaser, and he is not for the people,” Whitman said. “We just cannot afford a third term of Jerry Brown.”

Not too surprising, considering this was a campaign stop. But I was hoping she would spend less time attacking Jerry Brown, and more time outlining the proposals of her plan to create jobs.

She did give some specifics, talking about the need to streamline the number of state workers, reform the welfare system and get the public employee pension system “under control.” But there was a lot of vague talk, including statements such as, “If we don’t run this government more efficiently and more effectively, we’re not going to be able to compete for jobs,” and, “If you don’t care who gets the credit, there’s no limit to what you can get done.”

Whitman also briefly touched on the topic of outsourcing and said she disapproved of local shipping companies that outsource to other states, but didn’t mention anything about her CEO past, or claims that she outsourced 40 percent of eBay’s jobs overseas.

Instead, she took the time to repeat her claim that Jerry Brown increased spending in the state by 120 percent while he was governor, despite analysis that puts the number closer around 12.3 percent.

"No matter which way you cut the data, he increased spending," Whitman said.

Jerry Brown focused his latest campaign ad on Whitman’s misleading attacks, releasing this commercial, which compares Whitman to Pinocchio, on Tuesday.

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