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Fun For Everyone At FYF Fest

Candice Aman |
September 5, 2010 | 12:39 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter


The crowd at FYF Fest at the Historic State Park in Los Angeles (Photo by Kim Nowacki)
The crowd at FYF Fest at the Historic State Park in Los Angeles (Photo by Kim Nowacki)
Mobs of people with disheveled hair, happy-go-lucky mentalities, and ensembles to make any street style photographer proud traversed to the Los Angeles State Historic Park, Saturday, for the 7th annual FYF music festival.

With over 30 bands spread across three stages, comedic acts, food trucks, crafts tables and sufficiently more for a person to handle in a span of twelve hours, the FYF Fest brings together the best of local music and culture in Los Angeles. From high-energy electro performances that include The Rapture, Delorian, and !!! (Chk, Chk, Chk) to more alternative sounds that follow suit in the likes of Sleep, 7Seconds, and Titus Andronicus, this year's lineup had something for everyone.

Some performance highlights included The Mountain Goats in which lead singer John Darinelle captivated the audience with his quick wit, stirring vocals and infectious enthusiasm. Another was Wavves, who was already a crowd favorite, didn't disappoint this time around with a set featuring plenty of upbeat mosh-worthy songs. Actor Ryan Gosling also got into the action with his pet project Dead Man's Bones, equipped with its own children's choir dressed in an array of Halloween costumes, serenaded the crowd with a string of hauntingly soulful tracks.

For a first time FYF fest-goer, I was most surprised at the lack of structure and organization for the event. Because of this, I must have spent at least half the day waiting in some sort of line; whether it's to buy water or food or even use drinking fountain (which there was only one in the entire vicinity!), every line can go upwards of an hour each. Not to mention people with will-call tickets spent twice as much time in line.

Additionally, I also learned what a difference a location could make towards  the entire experience. While I do consider myself a local to this city, I have never stepped foot inside the Los Angeles State Historic Park. Perhaps it was the optimist in me, but when I saw the word 'park,' images of lush greens and breezy afternoons popped into my head. However, these visions quickly vanished as soon as I realized that 'lush greens' was actually a dirt field with patches of dead grass (which caused a pseudo dust bowl in the concert pit) and a 'breezy afternoon' was in reality the midst of a sweltering heat wave.

The FYF Fest in a nutshell presents a smorgasbord of outstanding musicians for our viewing pleasure at a relatively inexpensive price. It is a terrific way to sample new music, buy over-priced drinks, and spend an entire day in our city's state historic park. What's an acre of dirt if it is not surrounded by majestic views of the canyons on one side and a breathtaking cityscape of Downtown on the other? Only in LA, my friends.

Despite the blistering heat, unnecessarily long lines, and the lack of event coordination, fans of FYF seem perfectly content just returning for the music year after year.

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