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"One Tree Hill" Is Just The Way Fans Like It: Cheesy and Dramatic

Jenny Chen |
September 14, 2010 | 10:36 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

One Tree Hill (photo courtesy of Fred Norris/The CW Network)
One Tree Hill (photo courtesy of Fred Norris/The CW Network)
The eighth season of "One Tree Hill" premiered Tuesday night on the CW, switching from its typical Monday night showings.

Could a new night mean new drama? Oh, yes. 

The show opens with Haley sitting next to the basketball court Lucas and Mouth grew up playing on.

As her voiceover dictates a letter to Lucas, the audience is once again reminded of how much the show has changed since the departure of Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton (Lucas and Peyton). 

The final scenes of last season’s finale are then revisited – Alex and Chase agree to date, Brooke and Julian get engaged, Haley is pregnant, and Clay’s former wife’s look-alike Katie shoots him and Quinn. 

Or…not? Looks like the cliffhanger was just a dream concocted in Clay’s mind. 

Such a quick end to the finale’s lingering drama quickly pushes the storyline into the typical banter and romance that characterizes "One Tree Hill."

Nathan and Haley’s perfect relationship is exemplified over a typical (if not boring) exchange as they bond over hopes for a daughter. When Jamie learns he’ll be a big brother, he becomes a little too curious about how babies are born. His parents feel no need to mumble more than a comparison of a woman’s uterus to a basketball hoop (Nathan) and how it’s like Chester (Jamie’s pet bunny) falling in love (Haley). 

Another love triangle is born (remember Lucas, Peyton, and Brooke?), only this time with Alex, Mia, and Chase. Although these minor characters could be deemed unnecessary, the three break up the show’s lovey-dovey pattern, even if Laguna Beach alum Stephen Colletti still seems slightly out of place as Chase. 

Meanwhile, sex, sex, and sex is on the brain for everyone else. 

Brooke and Julian toy with the idea of practicing all day to try for a baby. Julian offers his views on a Grease 2 themed wedding, which leads to some role playing as a Pink Lady and a T-Bird. Haley walks in right as Julian is mid-song with “Greased Lightning.” 

Clay and Quinn, too, spend their day stuck in a love slumber, without any cell phones to distract them. The two are so absorbed in one another that it takes a whole day to realize they’re alone on the beach. Naturally, their one remedy is to go skinny dipping. 

Yet, just as the show is about to get boring, cheesy love scenes are dropped and in comes the big drama. 

One knock on Brooke’s door and she is hauled down to the police station where she is charged with accounting fraud. Turns out Victoria and Millicent lied to investors in order to get support for the “Clothes over Bros” menswear line. Brooke ends up losing her store and her integrity. 

Nathan and Haley both visit the doctors and need to undergo some tests, but neither of them share the resuts.

On the beach, Quinn and Clay get dressed only to start bleeding. We see a flashback to Katie shooting them in the finale, and then see Clay and Quinn lying dead in Clay’s beach house. Clay turns to Quinn and says, “It wasn’t a dream.” 


And just like that, "One Tree Hill" brings back crazy storylines that leaves its audience hanging on. Are Clay and Quinn alive or dead? Is this the end of "Clothes over Bros," and with it, Brooke Davis? 

On a little side note: The show also brought back its opening credits, which have been absent since season five. Perhaps alluding to the show’s end (still unconfirmed), the credit paired clips of past seasons with the current, illustrating the growth that the characters have undergone since the beginning. 

If "One Tree Hill" ends, I’ll be one to really miss it. 

After all, what other show would write a line in for Julian that reads: “I can romance your ovaries until they surrender?” 

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