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Apple Relaxes: App Review Guidelines Released To Developers

Jacob Chung |
September 9, 2010 | 9:32 p.m. PDT

Staff Writer

Image from Apple.com
Image from Apple.com
Apple played nice with developers, introducing the long-awaited App Store  Review Guidelines.

With it, Apple assuages many confused programmers who, up until now, had only good faith guestimates to go by in determining if their hard work would pay off as Apple shielded from the public its rubric for approving apps.

Along with the guidelines, Apple also announced that it would be “relaxing” restrictions on the use of development tools in creating applications. Some have speculated that this may open the door for Adobe Flash Packager, a tool that converts applications written for Flash to the iOS format.

For iPhone owners, Apple’s rescinding of restrictions can mean a possible entry of Flash-rich content on the Safari browser. Working Flash content on iOS devices is currently possible but only with a bit of a workaround. If developers were allowed to use programs like Adobe Flash Packager, they could migrate many apps currently available only on other platforms such as Android.

On a related note, Skyfire--a company most notable for bringing full Flash support to phones running Windows Mobile--has also submitted its web browser app to Apple for approval. The company hopes to carry over its success from the Windows Mobile platform to the iPhone. 





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