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Schwarzenegger Hopes To Resume Gay Marriages In The State

Laura Cueva |
August 11, 2010 | 3:24 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Protesters meet in Sacramento in oppostion to prop 8. (Creative Commons)
Protesters meet in Sacramento in oppostion to prop 8. (Creative Commons)
Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Calif. Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown filed motions August 6 calling for the immediate resumption of gay marriages in the state.

After San Francisco Judge Vaughn Walker overturned Prop 8, a ballot measure which took away the right of gay couples to marry in the state of California, the two filed briefs opposing a stay on Walker’s decision.

If the stay is lifted, same-sex marriages could resume right away.

Schwarzenegger’s opposition to the ban on gay marriage comes as a bit of a shock considering his moderately conservative views, but I commend his decision; he’s remained anti-Prop 8 and pro-gay marriage from the very beginning.

A bit more shocking is his knowledge on the topic; it’s clear from interviews that he’s followed gay marriage legislation in all its forms and knew all along it was a ruling that would head to the supreme court.

Though it’s difficult not to make fun of our Governator, with his heavy accent and constant references to his own movie roles, he’s hit this nail right on the head.

As did the (reportedly) openly gay and openly Republican judge Vaughn Walker. This is because gay marriage is less of a polarizing political issue and more of a polarizing religious issue. A number of prominent conservatives have voiced their support for same-sex marriage, including Laura Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Among the religious talk is talk about the “sanctity” of marriage and how gay marriage destroys common morals and common decency. After all, it is condemned in the holy book.

However, cheating on your husband or wife is also condemned, yet it isn’t illegal; divorce is definitely frowned upon, yet that isn’t illegal either. Both of these harm the sanctity of marriage and cause psychological harm to those involved, yet millions of Americans take part in these actions every day. Maybe they should be illegal too.

Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But what’s silly is not letting two people who love each other get married. You may be against it, fine, but don’t let that affect the rights of others.

Others still, say that the people voted yes on Prop 8 in November and now the government is taking over and completely ignoring their say.

But put a measure that protects the rights of minorities on a ballot, and chances are, only a minority of people will vote that measure through. For ages, blacks were the minority and weren’t allowed to be married to whites. We’ve progressed since then, but considering the view so many people are taking on gay marriage, it seems we’re regressing to those times of injustice once again.

So in the midst of right-wing religious fervor, kudos to those Republicans who have said yes to gay marriage.

Jerry Brown hasn’t strayed from his liberal view on same-sex marriage and neither has Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. Let’s hope others heed the advice of these two polar opposites, who have somehow managed to find a common ground under which civil rights and human decency can prevail.


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