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A TV-A-Holic’s Emmy Predictions: Reality

Nick Rizzo |
July 14, 2010 | 3:32 p.m. PDT


Hello, again! After the insane series finale of The Hills (can we please talk about that ending?!?!),  I decided to celebrate the morning-after blues with my predictions for which reality shows should take home the gold. Don’t worry, Speidi is very, very far away from this list.



Outstanding Reality Show Host

Who Will Win: Jeff Probst, Survivor

Who Should Win: Phil Keoghan, The Amazing Race

I have a very good feeling that Jeff will walk away with the Emmy this year. He is an extremely talented host and won the Emmy last year, but the biggest reason is that Survivor was omitted from the “Outstanding Reality Show” Category for one of its strongest seasons. Voters will definitely want to recognize the show in some way. However, for being the host of the 8-time winner for best reality show, Amazing Race’s Phil Keoghan is truly the champion of this category. From traveling around the world in a little over a month to dealing with all sorts of unpredictable events all over the globe, Phil makes his job seem effortless and always has his signature eyebrow-raise on hand. After eight wins for The Amazing Race, can’t Phil just win his own statue for once?

Outstanding Reality Show Competition

Who Will/Should Win: The Amazing Race

Now, I’m extremely biased since this is one of my favorite shows, but what other show travels the world with a camera crew while 20+ people race for a million dollars? This show is a behemoth to produce, with an estimated 2,000 people from multiple countries working on the show during any given season. It gives us Americans a look at different cultures and places. Most of all, this show focuses on the people running the race and their inspiring stories. This show has won eight times for a reason, and it will keep on winning. Bring on another first place finish for this superstar of a show!

Outstanding Reality Show

Who Will Win: Undercover Boss

Who Should Win: Real Housewives (any version)

While Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List could prove to be a tough competitor, I ultimately think that Emmy voters will choose Undercover Boss as this year’s winner. Not only was it the most watched new show this year (much thanks to its spot after the Superbowl), it also has a message that resonates with the working-class of America and is a very feel-good show. Since Emmy voters tend to be more conservative, I think this show (which has an older skew) will be successful this year. I’m just pissed that Emmy voters didn’t recognize the brilliance of the Real Housewives franchise. From mental breakdowns (“satchels of gold…”) to flipping tables (“prostitution whore!”), this series never gets old and is the perfect guilty pleasure, complete with fake boobs and gold-diggers. It’s too bad the Academy doesn’t admit to watching this “car wreck” of a show (aka a TV show so bad, you just can’t turn away).

And there are my Emmy picks for reality. Stay tuned on Friday when I give my thoughts on the race for the comedy categories. Until then, the rest is still unwritten… 

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