USC Film Student Not A Wonder Child, But Not Far Off

USC has one of the best cinema schools in the entire world. But did you know that one of this year's freshman students has already directed a feature film?

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L.A. Contemporary Dance Company Looks Forward And Back

L.A. Contemporary Dance Company celebrates 10 years of dancing in "LACDC10."


Disneyland Shows Off New Technology At 60th Anniversary Celebration

Disneyland celebrated its diamond anniversary with dazzling light shows and new special effects.


Novel Talks At Neon Tommy: Anna North Talks Art, Elusive Protagonists, And The Value Of The MFA

We chat about the true costs of art in "The Life and Death of Sophie Stark," along with advice that any aspiring writer needs to hear. 


'Motown' Proves Cultural Relevance And Legacy At Pantages

Take a nostalgic trip through this musical, American Motown journey.


Dance Camera West Draws Inspiration From L.A. Landmarks

Dance comes to life on screen this weekend at this West Coast film festival.


Tradition Turned Trend: Yoga’s Westernization

A closer look at the evolution of yoga from spiritual journey to sport.


New Food Truck Buddha Bing Offers Fresh Spin On Popular Chinese Snack

Buddha Bing, a new food truck, is experiencing the thrills and challenges of the mobile restaurant business.


Tight-Knit Group Of Artisans Start Arroyo General, 'Something For Everyone' Store in Highland Park

The Highland Park gift shop offers a wide selection of products made by local artisans.

Trend Report: Amped About Ampersands

Understand why so many LA restaurant names have adopted the curly symbol.

Artisanal LA Highlights Local Artisans And Makers

The biannual Artisanal LA showcase featured products from local food businesses.  


'Go Curvy' Host Sherry Lee Meredith Discusses Body Acceptance, Red Carpet Fashion

Sherry Lee Meredith shares her thoughts on Cindy Crawford and Gabby Sidibe.

9 Places To Work Out For Free In LA

Free yoga, training, crossfit and more? Yes, please!

Why Is Weight Loss Anyone Else's Business?

After you shrink your waistline, are your friends only waiting for you to gain it back?

Sustainable Dorm Living: Project Wormsmeat

Learn how to trade in your waste for worms. 


USC Student Show 'Grand Depository' Pushes For Change At The Art School

A group of Roski students are staging a well-intentioned, if ill-defined, protest in the Lindhurst Gallery this week.

Clickbait Literature: Why ‘Real’ Writers Can (And Should) Embrace Buzzfeed

The listicle is a powerful tool: use it for good, not evil.

USC Students And South L.A. Residents Unite With Art

USC student-run art collective Jukebox pushes students to mingle with the South L.A. creative community.

Playing For Bigger Possibilities: How ACEing Autism Changes Lives Through Tennis

The organization works with children to develop social and communication skills through tennis.


As Expected, Alvin Ailey Delivers A Breathtaking Evening Of Dance

Whether you're a devout Ailey fan or completely new to dance, this company is sure to take your breath away.


Kaya Press: A Welcome Change At The Festival Of Books

Kaya Press offered hands-on activities and warm fuzzy literary feelings at the Festival of Books this weekend.

New Book Showcases The History Of L.A. Through Menu Archives

Professor Josh Kun and chef Roy Choi take you behind the scenes of their newest book exploring the historic menus of L.A. restaurants.

Immigration Documentary Asks To Define 'American' At The Festival Of Books

Undocumented Filipino-American Jose Antonio Vargas contributes to the conversation surrounding immigration policy.