Ezralow Dance at the Ford Amphitheatre

Ezralow Dance and the Wild Up Ensemble take apart the Ford Amphitheatre... literally.

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Sumo Wrestlers Gear Up For The U.S. Open

We take a look at the fiercest (and most unlikely) competitors. 


Grand Central Market: Not Just The Next Big Thing

Historic appeal is driving L.A.’s most buzzed about chefs to the humid micro-kitchens of Grand Central Market.


Blank Walls and Bathroom Stalls: The Art Of Grafitti?

Street art is one thing. But "Kale Urself" graffiti is another.


626 Night Market Presents Food In Creative Ways

626 Night Market says its goodbyes with deliciously unique treats.


Watch L.A. Street Artist PUSH Create A Graffiti Masterpiece In 8 Seconds

He also shares his thoughts on Shepard Fairey. 


Miley Cyrus Faces Existential Crisis, Turns To Art Making

“This fucking banana was a hamster toy at Petco and I Bedazzled it.”


4 New Ice Cream Shops To Try In L.A.

Beat this week's heat with ice cream from one of Los Angeles' best new ice cream shops.

Cutting Carbs Is Better Than Cutting Fat For A Healthy Diet

A major new study adds to the debate over what foods are healthiest.

Nutella Truck Comes To L.A. With Free Samples

Nutella is celebrating its 50th anniversary by handing out free Nutella in Los Angeles. 

Stay Healthy And Happy In College: Nutrition Tips

Learn how to survive college and take care of your health at the same time.


Hybrid Yoga: True To Form Or Undermining The Practice?

The fitness style yoga classes that have swept the nation raise questions about the integrity of the practice.

Coconut Oil Hype: Do's And Don'ts

Oil in your hair, food, mouth, and more. Worth it, or crazy talk? 

Orthorexia: A “Healthy Eating” Disorder?

Can a “clean” diet actually be dangerous?

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Downtown L.A. Night Market: An Eater's Guide

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85°C Bakery Café Opens In Torrance

The famous bakery cafe launched its newest location in mid-April. 

Fala Bar: Healthy, Flavorful Food For All

“Fala us” to find your next go-to for a nutritious, healthy and flavorful meal.


'Cock' Teases And Provokes At Rogue Machine Theatre

"Cock" probes contemporary questions about identity and labels in the face of love and lust.


The Era of YA Dystopian Novels Is Ending: 7 Things Readers Will Miss

Lois Lowry: “Dystopian fiction is passé now." But readers will still miss the their visits to Panem and beyond.

4 Books that Need to Be Movies

These four books would make a compelling viewing experience in theaters.

Film Review: 'The Lunchbox'

This feel-good movie finds the best way to the heart: through the stomach.