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About Us

Neon Tommy is an online-only, around-the-clock, student-run, Los Angeles-based news source sponsored by the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism through Annenberg Digital News.

Our visitors depend on us to cover crucial stories that would otherwise fall by the wayside, and to provide meaningful context in a cluttered media landscape. Our fleet of reporters is a powerful presence throughout Los Angeles and across Southern California, with selective coverage of national and international events.

We take particular care to avoid redundancy with other news outlets; our work is fresh and unique, telling stories that other outlets are not. When another outlet has the story, we point our visitors there.

We are innovative and interactive, pushing the boundaries of storytelling on the Internet. We throw dated, inaccurate, and misguided news paradigms out the window. We employ a variety of platforms and technologies to create engaging experiences for our visitors. We represent the future of digital news.


Annenberg Digital News

Annenberg Digital News (ADN) is a multimedia newsroom that is operated, edited and managed by graduate and undergraduate journalism students of the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

It serves not only as a lab and incubator for ongoing and transformative innovation in the fast-changing world of journalism but also as a vibrant and rich source of the very best in local, regional, national and international reporting and commentary.

ADN publishes Neon Tommy, constantly refreshing the site with the very best in Annenberg journalism. ADN draws not only from its own robust stable of reporters and editors, but also brings forward the very best in multi-platform journalism produced by the various reporting, investigative reporting, collaborative reporting projects, research centers and institutes that have put USC Annenberg on the front lines of modern American journalism.



Sara Tiano, Senior News Editor Email 

Max Schwartz, Associate News Editor (Civic Center) Email

Matt Tinoco, Associate News Editor Email

Sharon Zhang, Associate News Editor (Science and Tech) Email


Kathy Zerbib, Senior Entertainment Editor Email

Tanya Mardirossian, Associate Entertainment Editor (Celebrities & TV) Email

Jillian Morabito, Associate Entertainment Editor (Music) Email


Ryan David McRee, Senior Arts and Culture Editor Email

Dale Chong, Style and Books Editor Email

Ryan Brophy, Theater and Dance Editor Email


Paolo Uggetti, Senior Sports Editor Email


Ashley Yang, Senior Opinion Editor Email


Shilpa Nagesh, Social Media Director Email

Michelle Man, Social Media Director Email

Fernando Hurtado, Video Editor Email


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