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Food Fit To Feed Oscar

Jenn Harris |
March 4, 2010 | 3:20 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Best Actress Bubbly and Superstar Crostinis are two easy party favorites that
will help you celebrate the Oscars in style. (photo by Jenn Harris)
The Oscars are all about Hollywood glamour and a celebration of the year's best work. From fawning over fashions on the red carpet to cheering on your favorite stars, it's the perfect night to relax and focus on something for pure entertainment. Not only is the awards show a time to admire bewitching celebrities on television having a party, it's time to have one of your own. 
You knew I was going to fit food in here somewhere. 
I know there is always a lot of hype around the Oscars and most of the show is a little boring, but every year I like to invite people over for an Oscar party.  The menu has to mirror the event, so I devised one complete with bubbly cocktails and chi chi appetizers; well they just look chi chi.  
Because I only make the best for my friends and family, I'm doing a champagne cocktail with fresh muddled strawberries, champagne and St.Germain, a french liquor made of elderflowers. 
For small bites, I'm making a french bread crostini, topped with apple, prosciutto and goat cheese, baked in the oven until the bread is crispy and the cheese melts. I top the crostinis with a sweet, thick balsamic reduction syrup. The sweetness of the balsamic and the creaminess of the cheese are too perfect to eat just one. This will definitely give your guests something to drool over other than the celebrity dresses on the red carpet. 
The cocktail is elegant, yet simple, and the crostinis are light but pack big flavor into small bites. They also take less than 10 minutes to make. These items are low maintenance so you can spend your time watching the show with your friends instead of slaving away in the kitchen. Happy Watching! 
Best Actress Bubbly
1 bottle of good Champagne (Veuve Clicquot-www.veuve-clicquot.com- is my favorite!)
1 bottle of St. Germain
1 pkg ripe strawberries
Muddle the strawberries in a bowl till they resemble a chunky puree. Pour a full glass of champagne and add a splash of St. Germain (half of a shot glass, but you can just eyeball it). Add a scoop of the muddle strawberries and enjoy!
Superstar Crostinis
1 french baguette thinly sliced
1 pkg goat cheese
1 pkg prosciutto 
1 green apple thinly sliced 
1 cup of balsamic vinegar
Toast the baguette slices in the toaster until golden brown and crispy. Set your oven to 425F. In a saucepan bring a cup of vinegar to a boil. Once it boils, simmer until the vinegar reduces and thickens. This will take about 15 minutes, but the exact time will depend on your stove and your heat level. Just keep an eye on it to make sure you don't burn it.  Once the vinegar coats a spoon, you're done.
On a baking sheet, lay out the slices of apple. Then top them each with a small piece of prosciutto and a dollop of goat cheese. Please them in the oven for eight to nine minutes, or until the prosciutto begins to crisp, the apple softens and the goat cheese browns on top and melts. Remove from the oven and layer on top of the crostinis. 



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