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Veterans Talk, Friends And Family Listen

Annenberg Radio News |
November 15, 2009 | 7:05 a.m. PST

LISTEN: As President Obama prepares to announce his decision regarding the deployment of troops in Afghanistan, Annenberg Radio News is partaking in conversations with veterans and their families.

Danny Hernandez

Danny Hernandez, 65, from East Los Angeles shares memories of serving as a Marine in Vietnam with his daughter Priscilla, 31. Hernandez recounts Operation Utah, the Walk-Outs of East Los Angeles, and the experience of receiving the Silver Star for Gallantry in Action 43 years after his service.

(Produced by Wendy Carillo for Annenberg Radio News)

Maria Uribe

U.S. Army Sergeant and war veteran Maria Uribe talks with her sons David, 8, and Isaac, 6, about what it is like to overcome the many obstacles of starting a family while serving in the armed forces. She told her sons about the pride they make her feel and the honor she feels while serving her country.

(Produced by Wendy Carillo for Annenberg Radio News)

Ed Cray

USC Annenberg journalism professor Bryce Nelson talks with longtime friend and professor Ed Cray about Cray's experiences in the Korean War learning to lead others, serving and living with black men, and the smell of kimchi he'll never forget.

(Produced by Newly Paul for Annenberg Radio News)

Michael Herrera

Michael Herrera talks with his granddaughter and Annenberg Radio producer Jessica Flores about his service in the Philippines and Japan during WWII. Herrera remembers almost getting shot while stocking up on water and how he learned a Japanese lullaby while teaching accounting in Japan.

(Produced by Jessica Flores for Annenberg Radio News)

Christopher Sweeney and Sarah Sorrell

Christopher Sweeney sits down with his wife, Sarah Sorrell. They talk about Chris' time as a Marine in the Gulf War, his discomfort with receiving the Silver Star, and the healing value of the arts.

(Produced by Letania Kirkland for Annenberg Radio News)

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