Can Technology Revolutionize Our Political System?

Open-forum online debates are drawing disillusioned voters back into political awareness. 

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Rethink Movies By Trying Out The Bechdel Test

Does your favorite movie pass the test? 


Best Music Festivals Happening Abroad

Because there are more in the world than Gov Ball and Coachella. 


Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Dano Lead 'Swiss Army Man'

The movie follows a stranded man in the wilderness who befriends a dead body.


Widow Says Fight For Justice Will Continue After $5.3 Million Settlement

No amount of money will replace her husband, who was shot by police.


Is Hockey Growing Among African-Americans?

The successful Blackhawks and their evolving fanbase are a sign of a welcome diversity in hockey. 


Target’s New Pride Commercial Didn’t Make My Queer Heart Sing

Pride Month has started to ignore pressing issues facing the LGBTQ+ community.


Two Victories in Two Days For LGBT Community

A New Jersey ruling became the first step towards banning conversion therapy based on legal grounds.

Mexican 400 Pueblos Movement: A Different Side Of Nude Protest

Beyond starvation, Mexican farmers make body exposure the norm for passive activism.

2016 Nissan Maxima Platinum First Look

The 2016 Nissan Maxima is significantly more expensive than its competitors, but promises to be a 4-door sports car.

Will The Charleston Church Shooter Face The Death Penalty?

Another community devastated by violence. How will South Carolina respond?


Residents In California’s Least Gay-Friendly County Respond To SCOTUS Ruling

Imperial County residents flood social media in response to legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide

Reaction Time: Religious Freedom Ridiculousness

There's a difference between practicing your religion and practicing discrimination.

Fight Against Food Insecurity Must Start In USC Dining Halls

USC is located in the most food-insecure county in the U.S. - so why are its dining halls throwing out trays full of food every night? 

Conservatives, Calm Down About The “Liberal” Media Response To McKinney

Attempts to revise the narrative surrounding the video cannot change the reality of police violence toward minorities.


How Cara Delevingne Is Conquering Hollywood

The English supermodel has built up a massive following in the last five years, and is now breaking into the film industry one movie at a time.

A Love Song For Every State

Because you can now celebrate the SCOTUS ruling with an equally rockin' playlist. 

Summer Artists You Ought To Know

The temperature isn’t all that's rising this summer. 

Why 'Inside Out' Is So Important

Pixar continues to break down the barriers that were once built for animated children's films.


An Appreciation Of LeBron James' NBA Finals

LeBron James dominated the Finals and deserves equal praise.