Ras Rojah Brings "Life of Marley" Show to USC

In honor of what would have been Bob Marley's 70th Birthday, the reggae historian treated the audience to videos and photographs from his extensive archives.

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Sports SCene: Episode 1

The Annenberg Media Center presents the first episode of Sports SCene, a show dedicated completely to USC sports. 


You Are Not Alone— A Family With A Child With Autism

Despite the ups and downs, the Majors' love and faith have kept them strong. 


Super Bowl 2015: The Winning Prop Bets

Watching the Super Bowl is usually fun. But betting on Super Bowl props makes the game more exciting.


Broadway Comes To L.A.: Mandy Gonzalez's Debut 'Love All Ways'

The belt of this "Wicked and "In The Heights" stat will turn you green with envy.


Remember This Scene: A Tribute To Best Animated Shorts

Best Animated Short is the best Oscars category, and here are five films that prove it.


Twitter Facilitates '90s Nostalgia

Social media allows for users to have a blast from the past more frequently.


LAPD Body Cameras Could Be 'A Cop-Out' Say Angelenos

If only the police watch the videos, will anything really change?

L.A. County Argues Right To Keep Billing Records From Public

The Sheriff's Department spent $20 million on excessive force cases last year. Where did the money go?

Shoah Foundation Hosts 'Auschwitz' Documentary Premiere

Remaining Holocaust survivors speak out about their experiences in Auschwitz.

Extra Homeless Services Went Unused In NYC During Blizzard

Some of New York's homeless stayed on the streets during the worst of the storm.


No Contest: Taipei MRT Vs. Los Angeles Metro

L.A. public transit may have been named one of the best in the country, but how does it compare internationally? 

#OscarsSoWhite Is Right, But Needs To Go Further

There are better ways to push for diversity in the Oscars and Hollywood than retweeting a collage of white nominees.

We Shouldn’t Be So Quick To Claim 'Je Suis Charlie'

American media's portrayal of Charlie Hebdo is predictably oversimplified.


Gay Rights Groups Should Support Black Lives Matter

Gay rights will always be intertwined with the fight for racial equality


The Five Most Oprah Things That Ever Happened

Oprah’s name has been synonymous with an empire for almost 30 years.  

'Wanted On Voyage' By George Ezra: Album Review

Do we really need another guitar touting singer? Not necessarily, but George Ezra is the exception. 


Super Bowl XLIX: Returning To The Scene Of The Crime

The Patriots still have memories of their shocking defeat in Super Bowl 42. 


'Appoggiatura' Hits All The Right Notes In Denver

Take a magical trip to Venice with the world premiere of "Appoggiatura"