Obama Visits Los Angeles On Fundraising Tour

It's a quick trip, but Obama's fundraising efforts in the midst of several international crises raises eyebrows.

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No Flights To Tel Aviv After Near Rocket Strike

The FAA extends travel ban to and from Israel's largest airport for another 24 hours. 


Google Will Face Privacy Lawsuit

Android users sue Google for violating their privacy for financial gain.


7 Innovations To Make L.A. Metro Better

What if you could request a train with your smart phone or take the Metro to Disneyland?


Crenshaw's 'Railway To The Future'

After two decades of fighting for it, policians are finally brining a Metro line to Crenshaw.


Hollywood's Best Kept Secret: The Metro Red Line

Try taking the Red Line to trendy spots downtown and Hollywood tourist destinations. 


This Bicycle Kills Patriarchy

"I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel… the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood.”


Is Former Qualcomm Exec Peter Marx Making L.A. Smarter?

The city's new tech guru is setting his sights on improving the My LA311 app. 

Hundreds Rally For Justice In NYPD Chokehold Death Case

Eric Garner can be seen on video being held in an illegal chokehold by an NYPD officer before he died.

Distance In Los Angeles Is Measured In Minutes, Not Miles

What can L.A. be doing to truly incentivize people with mass transit?

Angelenos Divided On Mayor Garcetti's Proposal To House Immigrant Children

"Why should we house these people in our city who are breakin' the law?"


California Must Show Uber And Lyft Tough Love

It's time for ride-sharing companies to be more accountable to riders and drivers alike.

SCOTUS, You've Got To Be Joking

Why should we stand for the legal imposition of inequality?

When Women Start Fighting Against Feminism

Because clearly there's a problem with wanting gender equality... 


5 Cult Classic Films That Never Get Old

Running out of movie ideas? Get hooked on these five cult-classic films.

Film Review: 'Boyhood'

This coming-of-age film successfully depicts the growth of one boy portrayed by one actor over the course of 12 years.

Style Spotlight: Summer Leopard Print

Go wild this season with these animal-inspired pieces.


In Defense Of Tony Dungy

The Internet exploded after Tony Dungy said he would not have drafted Michael Sam.

Dodger Stadium Express: Metro Nightmare Or Gameday Savior?

Two sports reporters race to a Friday night Dodgers game, one by car and one by Metro. 

Top 20 NFL Players Of 2013 (And 2014!)

Young, athletic playmakers give the NFL a bright future for years to come.


626 Night Market Helps Small Businesses

There's more to Night Market than just good food. 

Theater Review: ‘Once’ At The Pantages

The musical talent is matched only by its emotional depth in this moving show. 

Quintessential L.A. Bakeries Proving Why We Don't Need Crumbs

Skip the corporate sugar bombs at Crumbs, and head to these L.A. eateries instead.