Ebola Continues To Spread, Raising Global Concern

Over 670 people have been killed by virus so far.

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5 Arrested In Connection With USC Grad Student Murder

Four suspects, including two juveniles, will be charged with "murder with special circumstance."


2014 San Diego Comic-Con: A Look Back

Another Comic-Con is in the books, and here's a look back at some of our favorite images from the event.


Safety, The Trojan Compromise

We chose to benefit from being part of the Trojan family and not worry too much about how sometimes that family is a target.


D.C. Ban On Guns In Public Overturned

A violation of the Second Amendment has been struck down.


2014 San Diego Comic-Con: The Highs And Lows

We sorted through the best and worst panels from this year's Comic-Con so you don't have to.


USC Students Raise Safety Concerns After Fellow Student's Homicide

Concerns over summer security rise in the wake of a USC Viterbi student's death.


Crenshaw/LAX Line Doesn't Guarantee Black Workers Employment In South L.A.

"Local hire" doesn't always translate to black workers.

This Bicycle Kills Patriarchy

"I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel… the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood.”

Is Former Qualcomm Exec Peter Marx Making L.A. Smarter?

The city's new tech guru is setting his sights on improving the My LA311 app. 

President Obama Chastises 'Corporate Deserters' During L.A. College Visit

President Obama calls on Congress to eliminate overseas tax loopholes.


Exceptional Transit: How L.A. Metro Failed Low-Income Riders

A little number-crunching shows how sinister Metro's fare increase really is.

What Makes Asian-American Men 'Undateable?'

The image of the white male is still romanticized in a Eurocentric American society.

California Must Show Uber And Lyft Tough Love

It's time for ride-sharing companies to be more accountable to riders and drivers alike.

When Women Start Fighting Against Feminism

Because clearly there's a problem with wanting gender equality... 


5 Cult Classic Films That Never Get Old

Running out of movie ideas? Get hooked on these five cult-classic films.

Film Review: 'Boyhood'

This coming-of-age film successfully depicts the growth of one boy portrayed by one actor over the course of 12 years.

Style Spotlight: Summer Leopard Print

Go wild this season with these animal-inspired pieces.


LeBron And The Monomyth

From start to present, LeBron's career has echoed the archetypal path of "the hero."

See Through The Film: Dennis Allen

Allen loves to blitz, but does it put too much pressure on Oakland's secondary?

Sarkisian's Growth As Coach Carries Back To USC

Steve Sarkisian learned about a lot more than wins and losses at Washington.


Organic Food + Good Reads = Great Dates

Explore Alternative Food and Literature this Summer