Thinning The Deer Herd: Birth Control Or Sharpshooters?

Sorry Humane Society, deer contraceptives are not the answer.

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Propositions On The November Ballot

This cheat sheet will help explain what each proposition is.


Closing Arguments Delivered In Bolden Murder Trial

The prosecution and defense delivered their final arguments today in court.


8 Gossip Worthy Shows

What better way to gage what to watch than to get hooked on the most gossip worth series on air?


On Reel Diversity: How To Dissect 'The Whiteness Project'

White people talking about whiteness. Important? Yes. Awkward? Even more so.

Los Angeles

KIPP Empower Academy Adds Another Jewel To Its Crown

KIPP Empower Academy, a charter school in South Los Angeles, inaugurated its new building located on Figueroa Street.


‘Literary Mayhem’ at 2014 NoHo Lit Crawl

It was a fun and frenzied night for L.A.'s biggest lit lovers.


Mohawk Alley Brings Passion For Pet Care

A female veternarian duo is reinventing pet care in Los Angeles.

Porn Experts Weigh In: Is the Industry Safe Enough for Performers?

Does the porn industry need to go under wraps?

Other Major Diseases Are Going Untreated In West Africa Because Of Ebola

Women and children are dying because of Ebola--but none of them test positive for it.

Midterm Election Primer: California Proposition 47

Prop. 47 would reduce certain crimes, including shoplifting and personal drug use.


Reaction Time: The War On Drugs Is Literally Insane

Six weeks in prison for eating SpaghettiOs? That's the American War on Drugs.

Death With Dignity: Why The United States Should Live And Let Die

Shouldn't terminally ill people be empowered to determine their own deaths?

Only Sovereignty Can Bring Peace With Palestine

Violence is a two-way street, but so is the peace process.

Fighting To Be Seen: Why Bisexual Erasure Matters

Orange is the New Black isn't the only thing erasing bi people.


Film Review: 'Dear White People'

Provocative and cathartic, "Dear White People" makes statements on race that everyone's talking about.

What’s That Track Wednesday: Chris Meid

Interested in exploring new music? Check this biweekly column out for new artists!

6 Best Halloween Films on Netflix

Here is a Guide to Horror Films (Netflix Edition) for you to pull up whenever you're up for the next horror film challenge.

'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Season 4, Episode 3: 'Edward Moredrake, Part I'

It's every murderous clown's favorite time of the year.


The L.A. Running Community Sticks Together

Rather than asking, “Where do the L.A. runners run?” The question seems to be, “Where do they gather?”