Kirsten Vangsness Makes A 'Mess' At The Theatre Of NOTE

"Criminal Minds" star Kirsten Vangsness proves it takes talent to make a mess at Theatre of Note.

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Obama Gives 6th State Of The Union Address

"A brighter future is ours to write.  Let’s begin this new chapter...and let’s start the work right now."


10 In 10 Words: The Greatest, Shortest Quotes In Literature

These quotes can change your life - in ten words or less.


'Wanted On Voyage' By George Ezra: Album Review

Do we really need another guitar touting singer? Not necessarily, but George Ezra is the exception. 


Film Review: 'American Sniper'

Can "American Sniper" capture the story of the most lethal Sniper in American history?


No Contest: Taipei MRT Vs. Los Angeles Metro

L.A. public transit may have been named one of the best in the country, but how does it compare internationally? 


LAPD Body Cameras Could Be 'A Cop-Out' Say Angelenos

If only the police watch the videos, will anything really change?


Shoah Foundation Hosts 'Auschwitz' Documentary Premiere

Remaining Holocaust survivors speak out about their experiences in Auschwitz.

On Black Lives Matter: An Interview With Patrisse Cullors

Can Black Lives Matter start a national movement?

L.A. County Argues Right To Keep Billing Records From Public

The Sheriff's Department spent $20 million on excessive force cases last year. Where did the money go?

HIV Miracle Drug Advocates Struggle for Acceptance

Los Angeles Aids Healthcare Foundation recently launched an ad campaign against the drug.


#OscarsSoWhite Is Right, But Needs To Go Further

There are better ways to push for diversity in the Oscars and Hollywood than retweeting a collage of white nominees.

We Shouldn’t Be So Quick To Claim 'Je Suis Charlie'

American media's portrayal of Charlie Hebdo is predictably oversimplified.


Gay Rights Groups Should Support Black Lives Matter

Gay rights will always be intertwined with the fight for racial equality

Reaction Time: (Un)Conditional Love

Scrolling through Facebook one afternoon, I came across a high school acquaintance’s status which read as follows: 

“Unless you are willing and ready to have and love a gay child, a transgender child, or a disabled child, then please don’t have a child at all.”


Get Red Carpet Ready Without Breaking The Bank

Achieve celebrity perfection without the obscene price tag.

7 Best TV Boyfriends

See which older shows have the best TV boyfriends. 

7 Ways To Wear Winter Florals

Add a little flower power to your wardrobe.

Do Movies Have An Obligation To Always Get The Facts Right?

And why do they find it so difficult?


Super Bowl XLIX: Each Team's Legacy, Win or Lose

How will a win or loss in Super Bowl XLIX affect each team's legacy?

USC Taken Out By Stanford On Girls' Night Out

Poor free-throw shooting riddled USC as they fell to Stanford Sunday night. 

RIP SEC?: A College Football Conference Shake-Up

With a new champion crowned, is the SEC still the best conference in football?


'Billy Elliot' At La Mirada Sends Jolts To The Heart

"Billy Elliot" will really make you wish you had taken ballet lessons.