Mayor Of Bell Gardens Dead After Dispute With Wife

Domestic dispute leaves Mayor Crespo dead and his wife detained.

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7 Upcoming Films That Could Be Oscar-Worthy

It might be a bit soon for the Academy Awards, but we think some of these could just might be fit to win an Oscar.


The Hidden Costs Of Raising The Wage

Employers are going to have to pay a lot more than $4 if Garcetti's wage boosting proposal goes into effect. 


Hong Kong Protest Stories On Social Media

Civil disobedience in Hong Kong over voting reforms have social media support.


L.A. Podcast Festival Recap: An Intimate Affair

Boobs, cake and karaoke... and you thought podcasters didn't know how to party.


The War At Home: 'Black-ish' And Double Consciousness In The Black Family

Why is cultural alienation such a big part of depicting the black upper-middle class?


I <3 Feminists Who Critique Other Feminists

Fear not, a little constuctive criticism isn't going to sink the feminist movement.


Coroner's Gift Shop Takes On Life Of Its Own

Surprising demand for Coroner's Office merchandise spawned a gift shop, now three times its original size.

'Yes Means Yes' Assault Bill Introduced

 The California State Senate passed Bill 967.

The Low-Wage Worker Who Doesn't Want a Raise

Not all minimum wage earners want Garcetti's wage hike to pass. 

Working Three Jobs And Still Not Saving

Dreams of early retirement may very well be impossible for young Angelenos.


Reaction Time: Ridiculous, Reprehensible Recliner Rage

Because your needs obviously trump everyone else's.

Gender Discrimination Is Literally Making You Ill

Why are women more prone to depression, eating disorders and PTSD?

The Beginning Of The End Of Militarized Police?

Can a new bill take grenades and tanks away from local police forces?


Film Review: 'Annabelle'

Creepiness is a powerful tool, but it can't carry a whole 98-minute movie.

Paris Fashion Week: Valentino Review

Valentino's latest collection features bold prints, vibrant colors and - Surprise! - sheer.

'Criminal Minds' Season 10 Preview

Will Jennifer Love Hewitt's spunk clash with the BAU?

7 Ways To Wear Plaid For Fall

Mix up the way you wear the trendy fall staple this season.


2014 Kansas City Royals Playoff Preview Q&A

Kings of Kauffman's David Hill previews tonight's playoff against Oakland.


In Defense Of Young Adult Novels

Just teen romance or an innovative genre of edgy, innovative dramas?

Quick Review: Way Over Yonder Festival

Folk music, craft beer and a sunset: the ideal way to spend a September evening. 

The Eighth Annual L.A. Chocolate Salon: A Sweet Success

Wear chocolate, eat chocolate, love chocolate... all that and more at the LA Chocolate Salon last weekend.