The Taste To Celebrate Los Angeles's Gastronomical Wonders This Weekend

Don't miss out on the goatmilk gelato or the Belgian waffle pancetta scramble sandwich.

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South L.A. Programs Tackle Pressing Community Health Challenges

In a community plagued with high levels of diabetes and heart disease, how can health initiatives make a lasting change? 


National Dog Day Shows Love To All Dog Breeds

STORIFY: Today's the day to show a little love to man's best friend. 


Why Fewer Black Women Commit Suicide

Why do African American women have the lowest rate of suicide in the U.S.?


Mental Demons Afflict The Creative

Behind the most graceful dancers and convincing comedians lie serious mental health issues. 


The High Cost of Dying in L.A.

Everybody dies, but few are prepared for the high cost of death.


Michael Brown's Death Reminiscent Of St. Louis' Racist History

The past offers plenty of explanation for why Michael Brown's life seemed of little worth to the authorities. 


Senior Nuclear Expert Urges Shut Down Of California Nuclear Power Plant

Could the reactors stand shaking from nearby earthquake faults? 

Xinran Ji's Accused Killers Plead Not Guilty

Frustration mounts as the quest for justice is impeded by a lengthy criminal trial. 

What President Obama Can Do About Immigration Reform

What can President Obama do to address our nation's immigration system problems?

Dispatch From Westwood: Where Israel And Palestine Meet

A reporter's view of two divisive demonstrations.


Jews Aren't Just Under Fire In The Middle East

Protestors are shouting “Jews to the gas chambers” and swastikas are being drawn on public buildings.

Now That I'm Older, It's OK To Objectify Me

Why is being sexualized to sell things considered shameful for teenagers, but inherently part of being a female adult?

USC Sends Poor Message To Grieving Family With Botched Memorial Service

"I want to see this university that I am proud of choose transparency over reputation."

'Do My Boobs Make Me Look Slutty?' And Other Busty Girl Problems

Why being "blessed" with large breats might actually cause more pain than pleasure.


VMAs 2014: Complete List Of Winners

In case you missed it, here's a list of last night's big winners at the 2014 MTV VMAs.

Film Review: 'The Giver'

Did "The Giver" stray away from "sameness" to the book? 

Emmys 2014: 'Breaking Bad' Is Outstanding Drama Series

Congratulations to "Breaking Bad"!

Emmys 2014: Celebs Take Social Media

As usual, celebrities took social media by storm.


Behind Enemy Lines: Fresno State Looks To Spoil Sarkisian's Debut

What should USC fans keep their eye on regarding a Fresno State team that is hungry for revenge?

USC Athletes React To NCAA Vs. O'Bannon Ruling

What does the O'Bannon outcome actually mean for athletes themselves? 

Su'a Cravens Adjusting To His New Role On USC's Defense

Why is the USC coaching staff moving Cravens to a new position on defense, when he was so successful at safety last year?


2014 San Diego Comic-Con: A Look Back

Another Comic-Con is in the books, and here's a look back at some of our favorite images from the event.

2014 San Diego Comic-Con: The Highs And Lows

We sorted through the best and worst panels from this year's Comic-Con so you don't have to.

Organic Food + Good Reads = Great Dates

Explore Alternative Food and Literature this Summer