Toxic Trash: The Dangers Of A Plastic Covered World

Plastic has a life beyond the trash can, and it continues to have catastrophic effects on our bodies and our planet even after we get rid of it.

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The Slow Death Of The Romantic Comedy

The once-loved movie genre of the 90s is slowly ceasing to exist.


No-Vacation Nation: Does The U.S. Government Care About American Employees?

The U.S.'s culture of worker exhaustion is unsustainable.


Eminem Calls Out 15 Stars In Expletive-Filled Rap, Including Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby And Donald Trump

Not even Alyssa Milano and Rita Ora were spared of the "Southpaw" producer's wrath.


3 Truths And 2 Lies: 5 Seconds Of Summer

We'll give you about five seconds to fall in love. 


Dear World: Caitlyn Jenner, Taylor Swift And Every Other Celebrity Owe You Nothing

Bashing a celebrity for not living up to your politically correct standards is absurd, unfair and hypocritical.


Film Review: 'Trainwreck'

Is "Trainwreck" a trainwreck, or a success? 


Former "Ex-Gay" Poster Boy Speaks Out Against Conversion Therapy

A conversion therapy survivor recounts his six-year journey with trying to turn straight, and what his life is like now.


Two Victories in Two Days For LGBT Community

A New Jersey ruling became the first step towards banning conversion therapy based on legal grounds.

Residents In California’s Least Gay-Friendly County Respond To SCOTUS Ruling

Imperial County residents flood social media in response to legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide

Widow Says Fight For Justice Will Continue After $5.3 Million Settlement

No amount of money will replace her husband, who was shot by police.


Asians Might Vote Left, But The Model Minority Is Still Pretty Racist

Why Asian-Americans have difficulty identifying with other people of color in the struggle against racism

My Civil Rights Trump Your ‘Religious Liberty’

What happens when the practices of a few trample on the civil rights of millions?

Target’s New Pride Commercial Didn’t Make My Queer Heart Sing

Pride Month has started to ignore pressing issues facing the LGBTQ+ community.

The Politics of Blood: HIV Criminalization in the Modern Era

Treating HIV-positive people like a disease runs contrary to decades of science and can no longer be tolerated.


Bethany Rooney Talks TV Directing And Women In The Industry

Director Bethany Rooney talks the television industry's learning curve and working with Mark Harmon.

'I Am Cait' Premiere: 7 Things We Learned About Caitlyn Jenner

Just how much was a picture of Caitlyn Jenner worth in June?

3 Truths And 2 Lies: 5 Seconds Of Summer

We'll give you about five seconds to fall in love. 

Josh Hartnett: Horror, Comedy And Drama

Can you guess which film Josh Hartnett was in with Jon Stewart? 


Is Los Angeles Ready For A Second Soccer Team? Part 3

How important is the building of a loyal, strong fanbase to the longevity of LAFC in Los Angeles?

Is Hockey Growing Among African-Americans?

The successful Blackhawks and their evolving fanbase are a sign of a welcome diversity in hockey. 

An Appreciation Of LeBron James' NBA Finals

LeBron James dominated the Finals and deserves equal praise. 


The Shaving Strike: A Move For Equality, Not Attention

Quite frankly, hair removal is no longer a priority.